Don't practice alone!

Join your virtual recorder enemble and immerse yourself in gorgeous music from the renaissance and baroque period.  

Choose any part and play along to real instrument recordings by an expereinced teacher & performer.

Get versatile on all instruments, descant, treble, tenor and bass.

Play at at your own pace, gain confidence and  and new skills.

About CompanionTracks - Virtual Recorder Ensemble

The idea of CompanionTracks began to take shape while tutoring various recorder groups. 

"If only I had somebody to play with in my area!", was an all too frequent lament!

So I stared recording play-alog tracks for fun to enable recorder players to join a 'virtual recorder ensemble'.

I am aware, of course that nothing  can replace the joys of live ensemble play ever! 

However, there are significant benefits to practicing with CompanionTracks recordings:

1. You become familiar playing with other parts and gain confidence for ensemble play.

2. You develop important skills for ensemble paly. Such as finding your  way back in after a mistake.

3. You develop sensitivity to intonation

4. You improve by imitating articulation and phrasing

5. You become versatile on all instruments getting used to changing from C- to F- instruments.


I hope you enjoy CompanionTracks and will be enriched!

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Bouree (J. B.Boismortier)

Reprinse le pigne (T. Susato)

Andantino (J. Hook)

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